FAK Packers offer tailor-made palletization solutions depending on the type of product, handling arrangements and mode of shipment.

With in-house Pine wood pallet manufacturing and a state of the art oven for heat treatment plant with our own accredited ISPM-15 certification we offer world class Export Palletization service.

Using an expert packer ensures your product is protected in transit. Our seaworthy packing solutions are Durable, Airtight and Watertight and in line with world class standards.

Our High quality packing helps eliminate losses, claims and rejections due to breakages and damage in transit.

Correct marking and labelling as per international norms ensures proper and safe handling and identification throughout the transport chain.

We are able to offer a high quality packing product (on site or at our warehouse/ in port) much more economically than when handled in-house.


fak packers
fak packers
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